Infinite Detail

I love Bristol, to write music and sound design for people that I think are doing exciting things, is a gift. My guy, Tim Maughan has been rising, and now established as a great journalist and fiction writer. Sharp with the pen>>>>

Tim has released his debut novel, a near future depiction of the collapse of the internet and international supply chains. It’s dread. He sent me a copy and asked to produce a segment for the audiobook which was being narrated by Joe Sims, another g in Bristol. He’s been the voice acting for the Dark Souls 2 and Bloodbourne and all over the TV.

The Drone Gods are a hacker group synonymous with Lulzsec, Lizard Squad or Anonymous. They got something to say, and upload a statement on pastebin for the world to hear.

Here’s a snippet:

A bunch of vocal synths, a couple of read throughs, a little splash of editing to make it bring up the Borg hive mind vibe and make it feel teenage and self sure, and telling the world, they know best.

I made the intro drop as well. A little piece to describe the view of Stokes Croft, shelled out on the news.

If you’re interested in audio production, music or sound design for your project, please contact me at: [email protected]

Infinite Detail is now available to purchase in paperbook and audiobook form here:

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