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Part label, part soundtrack house, part video production studio, part syncing service; Lifted Icons is all about producing creative and inspiring music and video, inspired by and focussed on video games. We’re looking for exciting projects that we believe we can genuinely contribute to and elevate, we’re not a corporate production house and have no intention of ever being that.


Our in house producers have carved names for themselves as genre defining innovators, Liam Mclean (Joker), Guy Middleton (Guido) and Pete Thomas (Isola Dusk / Forsaken). Each have contributed to etching out pioneering UK dance music and through all their releases you can hear video game influences, from Sonic, Mario, Metal Gear, Diablo, Shadow of the Colossus; each with a clear passion for telling tangible stories through sound.

Here’s our weekly selection of the very hottest tunes our squad have put out, from the most certified club bangers, through to melt your heart and drift away ambient joints. Have a listen and try and tell us one of these didn’t catch your imagination for a minute.


Sometimes getting original written music for your game, trailer of TV piece just isn’t within budget or time constraints. Or the perfect piece already exists. Our Syncing and Licensing services enable you to use the music that suits your project with minimal fees and administration.

Due to our in-house team we have direct access to some of the most exciting and forward thinking music labels in the UK.




So you’ve already got music, what you really need is a video to set your new release off. Video Production completes the package of media services from Lifted Icons. From script writing, storyboarding, shooting, lighting right through to post-production, colour grading and distribution, all in 4k work flows. We offer the complete consultancy from start to finish, within budget, without limits.


Our Character Select series is a home grown example of our approach to products, a series of mixes designed to compliment a range of games, for free, because we are inspired by it. From the character design to the genre selection, everything is hand crafted and done from a point of passion and care. Check out our latest characters and mixes here.


What all this boils down to, is we are a collection of talented and established artists who are  looking to push ourselves further a develop a reputation for quality, imagination and reliability. If there’s a soundtrack project, licensing arrangement or video you want to sound or look amazing, we know we can deliver that. If you just want to bandy some ideas round, no obligations, then we’re always down for a chat.

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