Tavern on the Docks

Sir Hiss took a break from being Bristol’s no.1 Grime producer to set sail on the 16-bit seas and tell tales of plunder and booty at the ‘Tavern on the Docks‘. Available from all Streaming services and Bandcamp now.

His first non-dance music release, ‘Tavern on the Docks’ is the soundtrack to an imaginary Sega Megadrive game inspired by the classic early video games like Sid Meiers’ Pirates!, Grim Fandango and Monkey Island. With no small amount of influence from Jamaican Dancehall and Dub funnelled through a childhood of console and PC gaming, the result is a 5 track EP to accompany you round the hidden coves of the Caribbean.


To celebrate the release Lifted Icons produced a super small batch of, now sold out, Sega Megadrive games for the release. A mystery game, relabelled and boxed sent out with the music to the purchaser via Bandcamp.

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