Lifted Icons is live on SWU.FM / Rinse Bristol every 3rd Thursday from Midday. Lock in for a selection of video game and film soundtracks, experimental dance music and moody ambient joints.

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SWU.FM hands over their airwaves to Lifted Icons for a 2 hour dive into game soundtracks. It’s an honour as the station hosts Bristol music royalty, Ngaio, Addison Groove, Sir Hiss, Bandulu and more big names than I can type out. Too Hype.

You can always catch the latest show from here:

Game and film soundtracks are the mainstay, but I’ll touch on all the genres related to Lifted Icons and  Ambient, Electronic through to Dubstep, UK Funky, Gqom and whatever else is catching vibes.

If you here for pure game soundtracks, then I highly recommend checking out my last show of 2021, with Bristol’s leading Grime producer, Sir Hiss:

as well as the Cyberpunk special, from January 2021:

Or the First Person Shooter soundtrack special in March 2021:

Or if you just looking to get your blood up and rave for the next two hours, minimal game music, April 2021 is for you:

Maybe you want summon some daemons and spiral into madness, if so the August 2021 Horror special is the one:

Tavern on the Docks

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Isola Dusk

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