Soundtracking & Syncing

Our in house producers have carved names for themselves as genre defining innovators, Liam Mclean (Joker), Guy Middleton (Guido) and Pete Thomas (Isola Dusk / Forsaken). Each have contributed to etching out pioneering UK dance music and through all their releases you can hear video game influences, from Sonic, Mario, Metal Gear, Diablo, Shadow of the Colossus; each with a clear passion for telling tangible stories through sound.

Our syncing catalog is built from partner labels, producers and composers selected for their sound and scope. The threads of cinematic dread and vivid emotion stitched together in a range of genres is something we all feel passionate about. Have a listen to the label Soundclouds or our current hot selection to get a sample of the sounds we have access to.

If you’re looking for inspiration, we can create play-lists to guide your ears. If it’s administration you need, we can follow up with chasing labels and artists to secure the right licensing deal for your project. If there’s music from the above labels or you’re looking for original written music for your project, we’re confident we can elevate your story without raising the budget.

For further info on our Syncing, Music Supervision or Original Composition services, or you just fancy throwing ideas around, give us a shout at: [email protected]

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