One our favourite writers and inspirations, Tim Maughan has been making moves for a while now, short stories, BBC exposés and his incoming debut novel ‘Infinite Detail’, detailing a post internet dystopia following a crew of characters that ring home and true so much, they have me belling my mates and see how they’re doing. Due to drop in March 2019, we’ve got exciting news to tie in with it, but until then, here’s one of the first soundtracking pieces the Lifted Icons team was involved with.


A La Jetée inspired exploration into how advances in Augmented Reality will shape and change the future of Grafitti and art subversion. Taken from the short story collection of the same name, Paintwork, despite being release in 2013, this piece still teeters on the very edge of bleeding and serves as an inspiration for many artists today. With a suitably grounded reading from another Bristol legend, Koast, the soundtrack could only go in one direction, a deep dive in to the tactile sounds of Techno & Drum and Bass, through the filtering of unmistakably Bristol Dubstep.


Be sure to check out Tim’s banging and equally dysopian Techno selections over on Mixcloud and keep up to date on the very murkiest future stories from the man at his website.

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