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Video games have influenced some of the most exciting musical cultures of the 21st century. 8-bit Sega and Nintendo era informed waves of writers, composers and producers. Millenial orchestral explorations of identity and narrative from Final Fantasy or Journey. Through to contemporary playlist smash hit makers from the likes of Grand Theft Auto. The art of video games draws on so many fascinating influences and skills, to tell stories and be canvas to so much imagination. This website offers a curated mix series built to accompany styles and stories from our favourite games, with some hype words about our idols.

Character Select: themed mixes from top selectors

Checkpoint: articles about those that inspire us

Some of the banners found throughout the website are direct from classic fighting games down the decades. You can download a full set here. Our mix series, inspired by these iconic games, will grow with new levels, characters and mixes, each built for a exploration of a game story and genre. All illustrated by the fantastic Ben Hicken. Have a wander around, if you see anything you rate, give us a shout on twitter or hit us on facebook if you got some hot recommendations or ideas.

Infinite Detail

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Marching Orders

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